Stamtavle/Pedigree upcomming litter

NUCH T-BOB's Black Beatrice parres høsten 21 med Dave.

Multichampion INT NORD ,Shepherdess Thyme After Thyme ,gentestet PRA og CEA ,clear

Stamtavle Dave.

T-BOB Bright as a Diamond as junior.Next litter in autum 2022 with frozen seemen from Dave

Bållo was mated autum 2020.Next litter is planned in autum 22.


 Her partner is not quit decided yet but will be a nice gentle healty dog.🙂Her partner ended with Beylon and 8 puppies arrived 29th of desember 2021 .All colours in the litter. 




bertrand og buble

Valper født
Puppies born,

  • Champion Bertrand ,hipscore A

  • Champion Buble ,hipscore A

Kull 2018 - 2019 /Litter 2018-2019








Valper født 10 mai.2017.  2 tisper og 2 hannhunder .I fawn/ 3 brune.Alle solgt.Alle sjekket hos veterinær 11.07.2017  uten anmerkning.

Barcardi solgt

Bigmac solgt

Bina er solgt.

Bollo blir værende .


The parents .

Bori became champion at age of 2.1/2 years old . Hipscore A ,from litter of 5 boys and one female 12 years ago ,all still living. He is from Champion La-Faja's Octavia To T-BOB, a strong female ,kept the flock streight and the gentle sweet Nord Champion Batist .

Buble is from champion Brianna, strong not small female ,a head that some male's  would like, proud tale ...hipscore A . The darkest brown eye , her mother Britney the Norwegian Way .Treacle our,proud champion, nordic and norwegian veteran winner  from kennel Natterjack is her fahter and Buble's fahter is Max .Max is champion living at Artic wool and bred at farmenrens in Sweeden . He is to be grandfahter for the first time.

Buble is livly, steady and has a proud tail (some times to much) .

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Upcomming parents in 2017 .Kommende foreldre i 2017
Champion Bori HD A (12 years old ) Champion Babett Jam jam HD A "Buble"

Pedigree exspecting litter

Bori With his Brothers at 7 weeks.This is Bori's first litter .He is nearly 12 years old , mentalt testet , bloodtrack learned ,Hipscore A and a very healthy old man.He is big, heavely build, strong bone .. excellent maskulin head , good eyecolour for Brown .